From 1 November 2014, membership fees
will be as follows:

Certified Member: $40 per year
with discounted rates for CYCANL Standards trainings / education sessions

Regular Member: $40.00 per year

Student Membership: $20 per year

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2015 Provincial Conference

Call for Proposals

Mark Krueger

Tribute: Mark Krueger

Trying to figure out what to say, in a very short time, about someone who has contributed so much to the field has been a daunting task.

My friend James Freeman said it best. Some lives are bigger than you can hold in one hand – and Mark Krueger’s was one of them.

Rhythm, presence, motion, meeting them where they’re at, in sync, out of sync, hanging out – that was Mark. It is unlikely that there is a person here who has not been, or will not be, impacted by Mark Krueger in some way.

Mark was a gifted and inspirational practitioner, educator, author. He was a storyteller, a poet, someone who wasn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries of the conventional. But beyond all of that, Mark was a leader. He didn’t blame others when things went wrong, and he didn’t wait around for others to take action – he just forged ahead, he got things done - and he expected others to do the same. Mark believed strongly that we all have an obligation to take responsibility for our own learning, to belong to our professional associations, to be advocates within and outside of our workplaces. I think the best tribute we could pay to Mark Krueger would be for all of us to take up his call to action, to do whatever we have to do to make the field, and the care we provide to young people and families, the absolute that best it can be.

Someone once said the worst thing about dying is that you’re being asked to leave the party before it has ended. But in this case, I think Mark would be okay with that. He gave us the rhythm, he taught us to dance – it’s up

Go here for an interview with Mark at the CYCANL World Conference:

Upcoming Trainings

Standards Training with Thom Garfat

The Joy of CYC Practice

We have the opportunity to work in one of the greatest fields ever.  CYC Practice offers us fun, adds meaning to our lives and can bring us great joy.  Too often, however, with the stress and struggles of everyday life and practice, we forget about the joy of practice.

During this day, using the framework of a CYC Approach, we will share stories of positive experiences and wonder, discuss what CYC Practice brings to our lives and generally celebrate our good fortune. And we will do some learning as well!

So, come.  Join in the Joy of CYC Practice and let’s all lift our spirits to new heights together.

Following this training everyone will be invited to join Thom and Andy Leggatt for a social time at a local pub, having an opportunity to network with fellow Child and Youth Care Practitioners St. John’s area as well as with Thom and Andy.

This will be the first standards training that will be offered by the CYCANL. These trainings will be offered quarterly. Please see the information under the certification section on the website for more information.

Date:  November 27 2014
Time: 8:30-4:30
Location: Cornerstone Ministry Center 13 Ricketts Road St. John’s NL
Cost: CYCANL members - $20.00  /  Non-Members - $50.00

Snack Breaks will be included in this cost.  Participants will have an hour to leave for lunch.

2015 Provincial Conference

The Provincial Child and Youth Care Conference will be held spring of 2015.  We are excited to announce that the Keynote speaker will be Dr. Loraine Fox. More information will be released about dates and programming in early 2015. 

We would like to invite you to visits Dr. Loraine Fox’s website for the opportunity to read her published articles to date at www.drlorrainefox.com.


Upcoming Events

Annual Christmas Social

The Child and Youth Care Association would like to invite all members to come out for the annual Christmas Social event.  This event will be held at Key Assets 120 LeMarchant Road on December 10 2014 from 6-8pm.  There will be beverages, finger foods, desserts and a chance to enter and win the door prize.  This event is sponsored by the CYCANL and is intended to thank the members, as well as give an opportunity for networking with fellow Child and Youth Care Practitioners and employers.

The draw for the fall 50/50 tickets will be held this evening as well.  Tickets will go on sale the beginning of November 2014.

***NEW***  Monthly Book Draw for Members
Starting November 2014 the CYCANL is going to begin to approach organizations that have Child and Youth Care Practitioners working within them.  Each month we will select an organization that will be featured on the website to inform our members of their programs, mandate, and how they work with children and youth in our Province under the Child and Youth Care practice.  In addition to this they will be asked to select a book that is related to the service they provide to their population (ie: residential care, outreach, alternate education ect).  One copy of the suggested reading will be purchased and all paid members will be entered into a draw for the book.  The featured organization will be located under the NEWS section. 
What is Child and Youth Care in NL?
Child and Youth Care in Newfoundland and Labrador

This is a great time to be a child and youth care worker in Newfoundland and Labrador! The field has been expanding and child and youth care workers are now employed in a more diverse range of roles, programs and organizations than ever before. Throughout the province, an estimated 600 child and youth care workers can be found in group homes, family support programs, community centres, outreach programs, youth treatment programs, day treatment, family-based care, youth corrections facilities, hospitals and schools.

The Child and Youth Care Association has adopted the definition of child and youth care out forth by the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations:

Child and youth care workers specialize in the development and implementation of therapeutic programs and planned environments and the utilization of daily life events to facilitate change. At the core of all effective child and youth care practice is a focus on the therapeutic relationship; the application of theory and research about human growth and development to promote the optimal physical, psycho-social, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional development of young people towards a healthy and productive adulthood; and a focus on strengths and assets rather than pathology.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, child and youth care is not a regulated profession. This means that it is up to individual organizations to determine the qualifications of their child and youth care practitioners. Most organizations require, at minimum, a diploma or degree in Child and Youth Care or a related discipline. Many organizations also require their child and youth care workers to become professionally certified through the Child and Youth Care Certification Board. The CYCANL provides training and education opportunities for child and youth care workers, and advocates for standards of practice.

Child and youth care workers who are members of the CYCANL adhere to the Child and Youth Care Code of Ethics. 

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